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IT Administrators

Technical administrators often face difficult challenges in healthcare: complex processes, distributed systems, and particularly stringent data protection regulations. With Timerbee, we have developed a system that meets all of these requirements. Thanks to modern web technologies, Timerbee is completely web-based and simultaneously secure, scalable and easy to integrate. Get in touch with us now to learn about the technologies powering Timerbee!

Web-based & secure

Timerbee is completely web-based. Using technologies integral to the Internet of Things, we have developed a solution that is 100% compliant with data protection regulations: the Secure Access Channel.

Fully configurable

The integrated workflow engine allows Timerbee to be adapted to your individual requirements. As a result, even complex processes can be depicted with ease. These are controllable with our own script language.

Fully integrated

Timerbee enables data synchronization with medical information systems using modern standards such as HL7 and REST API. As an AJAX application, Timerbee can be easily integrated into existing web applications (e.g. portals).

Design Individualised Processes

Timerbee employs an up-to-date workflow engine

Resource management customisable according to your needs

Timerbee Workflow Engine

We have integrated a modern workflow engine at the heart of Timerbee. This means that all our scheduling and resource management modules can be adapted to your requirements. Among other things, this workflow engine has allowed us to realise the complex relationships of the rule-based appointments of Timerbee Professional. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can cater to your specific requirements!

Timerbee | Professional & Timerbee | Clinic

Intelligent Resource Management

Timerbee: Developed Using the Latest Technologies


The RESTful API allows you to connect Timerbee with your medical information system [instead of doctor’s]. The result: bilateral communication & genuine appointments!


Timerbee was implemented using Java – the world’s leading platform-independent programming language.

Domain Driven Design

Timerbee builds on Domain Driven Design. This makes Timerbee scalable, secure and robust.

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